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How I Won a Remix Contest using a Template.

Mostly of producers are closed to use Templates, but they don't know that is a shortest path to a new song and mostly of biggest producers use this to your advantage.

Templates can be used as a means to simplify the creation process, eliminate repetitive tasks, or act as a guide for creating and arranging a song, you will not lose time doing the basics, avoiding miss the fresh idea in your mind and you can also , learn new techniques , massively improving your production.

So, let's go to the point "How I Won a Remix Contest using a Template"as a guide.

In November 2019, a Brazilian Record Label "Mustache Crew" released a Remix Contest for the song "Back", and i subscribed to it.

On that time, The song Hooked, From Martin Ikin, was TOP 1 on Beatport, and i used the Remake from it to start my new song.

This song have a complex drums arrangement and i used it to my advantage.

Easily changed some drums samples, and making some shot modifications on the arrangement , i could have a great, solid and complex drums to my song.

For the Main Bass, i used the same Serum Preset and making only a few improvements in the processing (following my necessity on the track) i could get a great tone, fitting to the propose.

Following the Original song from Contest, i made the bassline notes , added some layers, and using some samples from the original song .... i finished it quickly !

The result was a great and modern song in the right time !

Nobody ever, could relation my song, with the Martin Ikin song. Why ?

I only used: structure and 80% of the Drums arrangement! That is the point !

How long you loose to create it from zero ?

Do you think the Famous producers create everything from zero ? The Answer is absolutely no ! Even if the producer start something from scratch, he will have some influence on your mind from something that he listened and loved in the past.

Who never went through the situation of creating a melody from scratch, and at the end realized that it already existed?

My conclusion is, use a Template or Remake as your advantage to start something as a reference and finish your song faster, avoiding to loose the fresh ideia in your mind for finish the song.

Do you have some goal to release on some Record Label ? Use some Remake from some song that was released there ! Just please, make significant modifications on that lol.

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Are you curious to listen the songs that i mentioned ?

Here it is:

Original song from Contest:

RM Vibes Remake from 'Martin Ikin - Hooked', that i used:

The Result:

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Vince Haws
Vince Haws
Apr 16, 2021

I've used a template before but completely ignored it since. This is exactly what I needed to read. Your right! I spend so much time adding the same effects and EQ during the song writing process. Makes sense to just save the template with your sound/style and fill in the blanks. Thanks!!! Best advice ever.


Gabriel Yanez
Gabriel Yanez
Apr 14, 2021

Good post !

Rafael Manga
Rafael Manga
Apr 14, 2021
Replying to

Thank You Bro !