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  • What makes a song a Tech House?

    What is the genre “Tech House”? Here you will know When and How Tech House became a genre. The best of techno and house music together to make a new sub-genre. Invented in the 90s and really beginning to surge in the 2000s, this sub-genre takes the groove and melody from house music to combine it with the steely percussion and gritty basslines usually associated with techno. Coming to fruition through the likes of Joris Voorn and Carl Cox, tech house is now one of the most popular styles of electronic music around. The modern resurgence has been clear, with the likes of FISHER, Chris Lake, Solardo, and Michael Bibi becoming household names. Record labels such as Black Book Records, Toolroom , Defected, Solid Grooves, Repopulate Mars have had some of the biggest releases that have pushed this style further into the spotlight in recent times. There is a clear and distinct difference in the sound of tech house when compared to your typical house music and typical techno style. Take techno for example; the tempo is generally faster, with far bigger, booming kick sounds, while the percussion is more minimal with the focus being predominantly on the low end. Then take house music. This takes usually a more melodic approach with instruments like a piano being a common feature. There is often a vocalist on house records too, and it definitely can have an 80s influence in how it sounds. Compare this to the tech house style and you will definitely hear the differences. The groove element of a tech house track is without a doubt a stand out feature. The percussion in a tech house track is more of a focus than that of house and techno. This is a very general statement as it is not always the case, but we will now discuss exactly what 5 key elements make a tech house track. Big Bassline Hook The bassline in any tech house track is one of the most prominent elements. When in a nightclub, that big bassline keeps the dancefloor moving. So you want that hook to be catchy and grooving from start to finish. Keeping the range of notes in bassline close, making a moviment is key. You don’t want your bassline to be really spaced apart in terms of notes on the piano roll. Keeping it from root note up to as high as the 5th of the key in that one octave is usually going to keep it sounding deep. A good tip here would be to study the basslines of tracks that you like; try and see if you can play them, and see how little they actually move around the keyboard. You also have to think about the sound. The sample. The plug-in. There’s no strict way to do this. But using something like the native Ableton’s Operator instrument or the VST Serum (one of the best in my opinion) and playing about with that can create some really good tech house basslines. Sine wave bass shapes are effective, Deep and Clean sounds, and often a sine wave and triangle wave layer work well together. For strong and present Bass, i recommend the Saw wave with a Low Pass filter between 200-300hz and maybe a Square wave layer for make a wider Bass. Don't forget to be sure that your sub bass is in Mono. Don't forget to check our Serum Preset Pack Tech House For Serum with 37 bass/sub bass modern presets. If you can get that low end of your bass to fit nicely with the kick drum, using side-chaining if necessary, then your bass will sound good. Using processing such as saturation is going to warm up the bass. Getting that warm and full bass sound is a definite must in a tech house track. Keeping your bass in mono will also make a difference (at least under the 150hz), which is important as subwoofers and sound systems in clubs generally produce sound in mono. Also, there could be potential phase problems if the bass isn’t in mono, so this will help to eliminate those. The bassline has a lot of energy and would take up a lot of space in the mix otherwise. Kick Drum You’re in the line waiting to enter. Everyone knows the sound. The anticipation of entering the club and hearing that muffled kick drum outside. The importance of having that powerful, punchy kick drum cannot be understated. Not just so you can hear the kick outside the club, but so that it punches you in your chest inside the club too. Tech house kicks are naturally powerful. Soft kicks are usually not always the best choice on their own. Choose a good sample is the key, and i recommend our sample Pack Tech House Drums, that come with high quality drums samples and 25 different Kicks. If you have a good sample, processing isn't so necessary, but if you find a good sample and it doesn't have the perfect low-end, punch, or attack you may process it and keep your kick in mono, just like your bass, it is vital. Percussion (Clap, Open Hat / Ride) A crisp, loud clap and the open hi-hat are two key percussion elements in tech house. Let’s focus on the clap first. The volume of the claps should be balanced against your kick drum. The clap shouldn’t overpower the other elements, but it has to be prominent. You want both to really punch through in your track. Again, the samples here are very important. These can be layered together with other clap samples to good effect. Ensuring your claps have a nice reverb and are placed in the correct place in the stereo image in your track is essential. Next, we’ll talk about an open hi-hat sound. There’s no tech house track complete without it. The iconic off-beat open hi-hat sound is an essential feature. Getting that real open hi-hat sound really helps here. Sometimes getting actual authentic hi-hat sounds can really transform the track. These can be readily found in sample packs like ours. Play about with the release on the sample to change the length of it. A little reverb on it will make it wider, then ensure it’s in the correct place within the mix. Even using a little bit of saturation will brighten up your hats and make them sound crisper in the mix. It will sometimes even sound like a ride cymbal and open hi-hat layer that is going on in the track. A ride loop will speed up and/or bring more energy to your Tech House song. The Groove So much music nowadays is produced on laptops and computers. It can sound fairly robotic unless you use swing. The swing and shuffle rhythms are used throughout tech house tunes. This gives the track a more realistic and human feel to it as if it were the artist actually playing the drums. This swing is useful when using MIDI to write in your elements. Setting the swing to 16-15 or 16-45 usually feels about right for the tech house style, but there are other ways to do it, like delay or anticipate a few milliseconds all the instrument channel. The other instrument where this can be done effectively is with your kick drum. Yes, you need it to be pounding that four to the floor feel throughout the track but have you ever tried creating a swing feel with your kick drum? This could be used as a drum fill and is a really effective way to change up things in your track. Even using a drum tom to create a rolling groove under your kick drum is another idea. It creates a similar effect just to keep the feel of the swing and groove there throughout the tune. Anything to keep that groove and take away the robotic programming feel will fit into the track. Drum Fills This is another important feature to take your tracks away from that robotic and repetitive feel. Once the bassline hook and melody has been established in the track, it’s key to just keep the track alive by using drum fills. Other ways this can be done could simply be like changing the rhythm of the clap, using delay on the drums or even using crash cymbals at the end of an 8 bar phrase. Listening to other tech house tracks will certainly give you inspiration for the kind of fills typical to the genre. So, remembering, if you need a high quality Drums Samples to make a Tech House song, check our Sample Pack Tech House Drums by RM Vibes. If you need a Modern Presets for Serum, we have the Tech House for Serum. If you produce on Ableton Live and need a inspiration or a reference track to start, we have tons of Tech House Templates and Remakes, just check our Home Page to guide you to find what you need.

  • How I Won a Remix Contest using a Template.

    Mostly of producers are closed to use Templates, but they don't know that is a shortest path to a new song and mostly of biggest producers use this to your advantage. Templates can be used as a means to simplify the creation process, eliminate repetitive tasks, or act as a guide for creating and arranging a song, you will not lose time doing the basics, avoiding miss the fresh idea in your mind and you can also , learn new techniques , massively improving your production. So, let's go to the point "How I Won a Remix Contest using a Template"as a guide. In November 2019, a Brazilian Record Label "Mustache Crew" released a Remix Contest for the song "Back", and i subscribed to it. On that time, The song Hooked, From Martin Ikin, was TOP 1 on Beatport, and i used the Remake from it to start my new song. This song have a complex drums arrangement and i used it to my advantage. Easily changed some drums samples, and making some shot modifications on the arrangement , i could have a great, solid and complex drums to my song. For the Main Bass, i used the same Serum Preset and making only a few improvements in the processing (following my necessity on the track) i could get a great tone, fitting to the propose. Following the Original song from Contest, i made the bassline notes , added some layers, and using some samples from the original song .... i finished it quickly ! The result was a great and modern song in the right time ! Nobody ever, could relation my song, with the Martin Ikin song. Why ? I only used: structure and 80% of the Drums arrangement! That is the point ! How long you loose to create it from zero ? Do you think the Famous producers create everything from zero ? The Answer is absolutely no ! Even if the producer start something from scratch, he will have some influence on your mind from something that he listened and loved in the past. Who never went through the situation of creating a melody from scratch, and at the end realized that it already existed? My conclusion is, use a Template or Remake as your advantage to start something as a reference and finish your song faster, avoiding to loose the fresh ideia in your mind for finish the song. Do you have some goal to release on some Record Label ? Use some Remake from some song that was released there ! Just please, make significant modifications on that lol. Visit our website by the header of this page, or clicking here to visit our catalog of Templates, Remakes and Packs: Are you curious to listen the songs that i mentioned ? Here it is: Original song from Contest: RM Vibes Remake from 'Martin Ikin - Hooked', that i used: The Result: If you liked this post, leave a comment bellow and share with your friends and don't forget to check out catalog of Templates, Remakes and Packs (Serum Presets, Sample Packs) at Here a Free Download for you try our RM Vibes Remakes: Fisher - You Little Beauty (Remake)


    Want to start your next project, but have absolutely no inspiration and reference? Do you want to know more about Remakes and Templates? Today with RM Vibes we bring you our list of the 10 reasons why you should use Templates and Remakes or at least consider giving it a try. It can have a positive impact on your music production skills! With our Team we make sure we do our best in each one, having them Deconstructed, Remade the Sound Designer, Organized, Mixed, and Mastered, made especially for Ableton Live. We also consider the effect chains and techniques, to be Replicating the sounds, and buildups like all of the actual Professional Music Producers do. Let´s talk more about this… 1-) They can help you get the inspiration you need. There are sometimes I just sit and come up with tons of ideas, but there are some other times, where I just can´t even start a new song. With a well-made Template, as you listen to each one of the elements, and the groups (with the Solo button), many ideas for sounds, melodies, types of chords, chord progressions, effect chains, arrangements or even general composition, come easy as a form of inspiration. The same happens if it´s a Remake of a song you like, to see how the Artists we look up to do their thing is a huge source of inspiration as well. When you are producing music, if you have in mind the sound you want to go for, it´s easy to replicate. But if you have a vague concept of it but you it doesn't come out as you wish, with the help of a template, most of the time you are just a few clicks away from finding the sound you like. Also if you are not that much experienced, and you've never done a project from scratch, a template or remake for sure will put you in the direction you need to go. Avoiding the frustration of getting stuck in your first steps! 2-) You can learn other Producer´s techniques. You know how they say “a magician never reveals his tricks”, and it´s true they should'n´t because then the trick can lose its “magic”. Usually, not everyone lets you see what´s behind the curtain, and the whole Music Production process is based on Creativity, so for you to train and learn how to do some techniques properly, we recommend you all to really dive into each Template and Remake, for you to really stimulate your creativity. As we deconstruct and remake the projects, we think of the easiest to understand and effective way to recreate each technique and sound, so you can train and learn every single one of them the best way. The more you do something, the better you´ll understand it. So if you are new to music production, don´t aim just to rip off stems, tracks, or melodies, and be done with it, you´ll end up sounding like someone else. If you really want to get better at Music Production, inside each style there´re plenty of elements, like for instance, which drum samples to use, and techniques such as how to mix those drum samples, that are there to be learned, practiced and for you to get used to, so then you can come up with your own new ideas! 3-) You can learn how to compose. To be a successful and active music producer you need to be up to date with the music the audience is listening today, so when you take a look into a Template or Remake of a full song, if you pay attention to the way it was composed you could take a look “under the hood” of how hit song is made, and with which elements. You can do this by just clicking the MIDI clips and checking them out. To learn more about the composition of a song we recommend you to have in mind: What are the Chords that are being played, noticing what type they are (most of the time are Major or Minor) The Bassline, if it plays the Root note of each chord, or inversions, or simply which scale the phrase belongs to. The Melody, how the notes fit with each other and how they work together with the chords, and also which scale it belongs to as well. Once you´ve practiced this with many projects (don´t stop with the Templates, you can check your friend's work as well) you´ll end up noticing the patterns, chords progressions, and notes that are being played with each chord. To practice this, we recommend you to take a Midi clip with a chord progression you like, and rearrange it, changing their order, key or editing it how you like it. So then you can play around with them and create your own songs. Coming up with chords progressions can prove to be hard sometimes, especially if you are a beginner in all this, and without having too much knowledge of the theory behind it. But there’s nothing wrong with that, a Template can get you started in no time! 4-) You can learn ways to arrange your song´s Structure. As well as the Composing of chords, melodies and basslines, arranging the Structure can be troubling sometimes. You need to make Transitions, in order to make sure your song doesn't bore your audience to death! Maybe it´s doesn’t seem so hard to make a 4 or 8 bar loop work, but to make the whole song, it can be. So to help you with that we recommend you to notice how the Structure of the templates and remakes are built, where are the different parts of it, the Intros, Build-ups, Breakdowns, Bridges, and more. Any part that makes the song be what it is. In every genre there are always certain elements that change, for example, in every transition you can find out what Automation is going on, or what elements are being Muted or brought down, to build tension and then releasing it. There´s no formula to this, you need to be creative. A well-structured song draws your attention from the beginning to the end, so have that in mind when you are checking new Templates! 5-) You can learn more about Sound Design. We made best classes and we have seen a lot of YouTube tutorials on Serum, trying to achieve that one Sound we like, but the most effective way to learn Sound Design is to have hands-on practice with your synth. With the help or a Template or Remake, you can have a closer look at how the sounds you like are made and how they work together with other elements. Sometimes a single melody is played by different instrument layers just to get a bigger sound, so try to get used to these synths and what they can do. There is a lot to know about modulations, filters, and oscillators, so we recommend you to start with any synth you like of your template and explore it, play around with it, and save tons of hours watching sound design tutorials. And when you find something that you like, don´t forget to save it as a new preset. 6-) You can learn how effects are used properly. A common mistake we've all made when you’re starting with music production is to misplace effects in your Device chain. To put a Saturator or a Compressor before an Eq, won’t have the same results than if you place it after. The same happens with a Reverb or Delay effect, you can put it in your track by just dragging it and getting it into your track´s chain (as an Insert), but it´s not the same result as if you add it as a Return Track. With the help of a Template or Remake you can learn how effects are applied properly, avoiding any mess up and getting used to using them to achieve the results you want in your own compositions! There are plenty of parameters and features in any effect you can mention, so experience them, solo each Track and move every knob you want (you can undo it by just Double-clicking it). This'll help you understand what these adjustments can do to your sound, and experiment to create your own. You can always Group (with Ctrl or Cmd + G) them into an Audio Effect Rack and save it as a Preset so you can reuse a chain you like. 7-) You can learn the basics of mixing. To learn how to mix your projects you need to experiment, there is a lot of theory behind most mixing techniques, different instruments (elements) are placed in different places of the mix, for example you can make a sound Stereo Spread to keep it off your center (Overheads, Cymbals, and Synths, for example) or you can make a sound Mono and keep it right in front of you (Kick, snare, and Bass). The Levels of these elements need to be balanced properly to be able to hear each and every one of them. So to learn this faster, we recommend you to take any Template or Remake you like and start analyzing these elements we've mention, and listen to them in solo, Grouped and with the whole song, to get used to their levels in a properly mixed track. All of our templates are Mixed and Mastered with Ableton Stock Plugins for you to learn this kind of concepts more effectively. Take notes of the tracks leveling and processing to be able to keep everything in place in your own projects. 8-) You can learn how to organize your tracks. Maybe after we listed out most of these reasons this one seems a little unimportant, but to help you keep your productivity and to save time in your mixing, you need to have an organized project. We strongly recommend you all to keep your tracks in order, all the drum elements should be in a Drum group, for example. Labeling all of them, coloring and grouping them is an easy way to keep track of your work, and what´s missing or needed in your song. Having an unorganized project can be overwhelming and have a negative impact on your creativity. You can copy the way Templates and Remakes are organized, and or modify it to fit your liking. 9-) You can learn the basics of Mastering. There is much to learn about Mastering and a lot of theory as with the Mixing. The Mastering process is one of the most important parts of the Music Production process, with the help or a well-Mixed and Mastered Template, you can get used to hearing how a mastered song should sound, in the genre of your liking, and start finishing your mixes with a Preset device chain by just adapting it to your own song´s needs! All our Remakes and Templates come with a Ableton Stock Mastering Rack that you can use in your tracks. 10-) You can save a lot of time. The whole learning process takes tons of hours and hard work, there’s no escaping that, but considering all these reasons we´ve just listed today, you can notice that time can be saved by taking a closer look to every Template and Remake you can. It can help you start a new production, compose, arrange, mix and master it the proper way by just playing around with them. You need to bring your own ideas to the table, of course, it all comes down to stimulate your own creativity, but as we´ve shown you, you can take a structure of a Template, fill it with your own music and have a whole different song! The only limit here is your Imagination, that´s why our goal here is to show you how any of these elements can be turned into a valuable tool of your toolbox. So the time you´ll save watching YouTube tutorials or attending Production schools that maybe don’t show you what you need to know, you should spend it practicing your craft, listening to new music, going to live performances or also playing your music live, and thus learning the way of Music production. Always practicing and making tons of new material, for example, to really learn how to eq a Kick, you need to do it several times until you get used to it, and make your own experience about that. The same happens with most of the concepts, so it´s important to keep consistency with your learning and practice. If you have any doubts you can let us know in the comment section, and we´ll get back to you as soon as we can. But most important, don´t forget to make Music! Bonus Knowledge If you want to get better, using Templates(Remakes) or Presets, is one of the best shortcuts you can take to learn new tricks and skills, basically how things are done in today´s music productions. But only, if you take a good look, and try to learn how it was all put together. Make sure you don´t lose any of the original project´s content and push Ctrl(PC) or Cmd (IOS) + S to Save as a practice version of the project. Then take a Section (with many instruments playing) and Loop After that Select a Track and erase it´s content or Deactivate Maybe the one that calls your attention the most! And Play with the sounds, presets, basically ANY feature that makes it how it is. Most of the “Macros” knobs you can find in device´s chains are really helpful to shape your sounds. Also with any Template or Remake version of any song, to help yourself get inspiration to make your own songs, you can: Save as another project, to preserve the Original. Take any Sound(Track) you really like, you´ve played with and know how to use, or maybe just inspired you, and Delete the Tracks you don´t use and any of the Midi and Audio clips you won´t use. Start building your own project using maybe, a Drum pattern you liked and changed to your preference or a Sound of a Serum Preset (for example) you liked and make a New Melody or Bassline. Don't Forget to check our Templates and Remakes on our website, navigate by Genres on our main menu or Templates / Remakes . We Also have some Packs, if you want some construction kits or only Serum Presets. With all of these tools, the Real limit here is your own creativity. You just have no excuses, Go and make some music!

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  • Form Free Download | RM Vibes

    Tech House Drums (Sample Pack) This Sample Pack was inspired by Top Tech House Tracks over the 2020 and 2021 releases. Thoroughly processed and pre-mixed by us , ready to punch through your mix. All samples are original and 100% royalty-free Details Fisher - You Little Beauty (Ableton Remake) FREE DOWNLOAD! Full Template for Ableton Live (All Versions). Drums in MIDI, using Ableton Simpler, easy to replace ! Melody using Serum exclusive Presets, easy to change the melody. Learn the Techniques used by Producer. Ableton Stock Mastering included ! Easy to learn and replace ! VSTs used: Serum (1.0) , Kickstarts (Sidechain) Product Details: Size: 11 mb 18 channels 6 Exclusive RM Vibes Serum presets Original Clean Acapella RM Vibes Best Sellers Enter your best email below, to receive the project of Remake 'Fisher - You Little Beauty' for Ableton Live FOR FREE ! Submit Thank You ! We are sending the project to your email in a few minutes... See more... New Tech House Drums Regular Price $35.00 Sale Price $28.00 New Ableton Tech House Template 01 Regular Price $35.00 Sale Price $25.00 Tech House For Serum Regular Price $35.00 Sale Price $25.00 Sale Off Tech House Heroes Vol.1 Regular Price $35.00 Sale Price $17.50 (Remake) CamelPhat, ARTBAT - For a Feeling Price $25.00

  • Submitedd | RM Vibes

    Thank You ! We are sending the project to your email in a few minutes... In the meantime, check out our products that are sure to interest you too. 300 followers on YouTube = 1+ FREE DOWNLOAD You May Love Our Packs: Built on the powerful Serum engine, this innovative expansion pack(90 Presets) will give you the tools you need to create your next hit track. The Presets are inspired on Best Tech House Producers as: Chris Lake, Fisher, CamelPhat, Dom Dolla, Biscits, Martin Ikin, Dennis Cruz, Volkoder, Cloonee, and many others. 100% Royalty Free. 100% Compatibility, works on all versions. (We developed on Serum 1.0 thinking on our clients) Works on all DAWs. Details Take advantage of months of handcrafting warm and pre-mixed samples to punch through the mix on your productions. Inspired by Top Tech House Tracks over the 2020 and 2021 releases. All samples are original and 100% royalty-free, which means you can use them in your own tracks and release them on your dream label, use for commercials, YouTube, radio, and whatever you need ! This pack contains a huge high quality and pre-mixed one-shots and loop samples that are drag and drop ready to use. Details This pack was inspired by the most popular tech house producers today. Comes with 5 Construction Kits (Break and Drop) projects. Inspired inspired on Best Tech House Producers as: Chris Lake, Fisher, CamelPhat, Biscits, Martin Ikin, Cloonee, and many others. Tired of not getting the tones of your Hero? We made the most envied tones of the moment! ​ Details Ableton Live Remakes > New (RMK) The Blessed Madonna - Marea Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $20.00 New (RMK) Biscits - Talk To Me Price $25.00 (Remake) Volkoder - Tornado Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $20.00 (Remake) Endor - Fur Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $20.00 (Remake) Dennis Cruz - Five Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $20.00 New (RMK) The Blessed Madonna - Marea Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $20.00 New (RMK) Biscits - Talk To Me Price $25.00 (Remake) Volkoder - Tornado Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $20.00 (Remake) Endor - Fur Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $20.00 (Remake) Dennis Cruz - Five Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $20.00

  • Ableton Templates & Remakes | RM Vibes

    Tech House Drums (Sample Pack) This Sample Pack was inspired by Top Tech House Tracks over the 2020 and 2021 releases. Thoroughly processed and pre-mixed by us , ready to punch through your mix. All samples are original and 100% royalty-free Details Ableton Live Templates > Packs > New Tech House Drums Regular Price $35.00 Sale Price $28.00 Tech House For Serum Regular Price $35.00 Sale Price $25.00 Sale Off Tech House Heroes Vol.1 Regular Price $35.00 Sale Price $17.50 New (RMK) The Blessed Madonna - Marea Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $20.00 New Ableton Tech House Template 01 Regular Price $35.00 Sale Price $25.00 New (RMK) Biscits - Talk To Me Price $25.00 (Remake) Volkoder - Tornado Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $20.00 New (RMK) The Blessed Madonna - Marea Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $20.00 New Ableton Tech House Template 01 Regular Price $35.00 Sale Price $25.00 New (RMK) Biscits - Talk To Me Price $25.00 (Remake) Volkoder - Tornado Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $20.00 About Us RM Vibes is a Brazilian company founded in 2019 who has clients worldwide and makes Ableton Remakes, Templates, Samples Packs, Free Downloads and royalty free preset packs for Serum, that help you learn music production, improves your workflow and quality of your songs. We also has Mixing & Mastering services. Our collection of Templates & Presets is always growing to suit the latest electronic music trends. With a team of great producers, it keeps the high quality of its products from its creation to the sale, always bringing products with least possible external plugins, to facilitate the compatibility for our clients.

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