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professional music feedback

Professional Music Feedback

Music feedback is an essential part of artist development. Seeking feedback on your songs will help you improve your music and production skills.

As musicians, we become so immersed in the music production process it makes it hard to hear our music objectivity. Useful music feedback will give you a fresh perspective on your work. It also drives artistic decisions, presents new ideas, and reveals problems that may need fixing. The feedback you receive can also help with writer’s block and provides continuous learning.

Here you can hire a detailed constructive feedback from a outside listener who is:

- A&R from a Label (Ugly Bear Records)

- Mixing and Mastering Engineering 

- Already have releases in some Great Labels (Hood Politics, Low Ceiling, Loulou Rec....etc)

What Will You Get ?

- Both technical and general feedback that will help you improve your tracks.
- Detailed report that includes what i would improve as if the song was mine.

- Tips on how to reach the next stage in your music production level.

How It Works:

1) Select the service below and purchase.
2) After the payment, you'll get a file with instructions to send your music and some directions.

3) You'll receive your detailed feedback within 2 business days.

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