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Ghost & Co-Producer


I will produce a track entirely from scratch following your guidance.

I am here to help you focus on your artistic career without necessarily having to spend hours inside a studio or even studying about it.
Price: 350/600 U$

If you already produce but are still not satisfied with the results of your songs, I will help you to reach the professional level you need.

I will change and enhance some aspects of your music, in addition to better timbres, arrangement, mix and master your sound according to your references and genre.

Price: 200/350 U$

My name is 'Rafael Manga' and I am the guy behind RM Vibes.
I've been producing electronic music since 2016 having released on great labels around the world as Hood Politics, Low Ceiling, Happy Techno, Loulou Records and etc.
On 2020 I started to study Sound Designer and made some Remakes to practice and learn more, realizing that I could achieve very close result as great producers only using basic tools.
On 2022 I started to specialize on Mixing and Mastering and I am graduated on Computer Science, what maybe explains my need to study and get deep on mixing engineering. I am always trying to learn and know how any process works deeply. Due to that, I started to record a few  videos on Youtube trying to explain my studies due to help other producers.

I already made a lot of Co-Producing and Ghost producing, having regular clients all around the world as United States, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada and etc... unfortunately I can't expose the tracks I already worked, keeping the anonymity with my clients, but I worked with many genres as: Tech House, House, Melodic Techno, Techno and Deep House.


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