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DJ  MIXSET Template

2 Templates for DJs ! one made for a fast and easy dj mix set record and another for live performance using only your mouse or a midi controller, both include EQ curves and effects from Pioneer DJMs.


DJ Pro Template

- This template come with a unique Master Rack capable to control track 1 (Deck A) and track 2 (Deck B). This rack have a Mixer with 3 band EQ (same curves and gain/cut from Pioneer DJMs) and independent volumes.


Easy Mix Template

- This template come with the most used mix technique from DJs configured on only 1 button. While you turn the knob up, it will automatically control the mixing making this:

- Increase slowly track A volume and decrease slowly track B volume

- In the middle of the button position , it will swap the lows between the tracks

This allow you to do a complex transition turning only 1 knob or doing only 1 automation on Master channel, whereas before this template you needed to do 4 automations on 2 different tracks on every transition, so, calculate the time  you will earn.


Effects Module:

Both templates come with an Effect Module including the following effects inspired on the DJMs:

- Beat Repeat

- Echo

- White Noise Sweep

- Crush

- Reverb

- DJM Filter (Low/High Pass)


Safe Limiter:

The last module is a Limiter to avoid clipping and a button to ajust your desired Ceiling.


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DJ MIXSET Template

  • Product Details:

    • Download Size: 1 MB
    • 2 Ableton Live Templates
    • Effect Rack
    • DJM's EQ curves
  • External Plugins:

    These templates request 1 max for live tool that is already included on the downloaded folder. Just follow the instructions on README FIRST file.

  • DAW:

    • Ableton Live  Suite 11.1.1 (or any newer version)

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