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Does FISHER use Chris Lake as a Ghost Producer?

If you follow at least a little of the electronic scene, you've certainly heard about these two artists: FISHER and Chris Lake.

Owners of countless electronic music hits, they are drawing more attention than ever.

Known worldwide for setting trends in the market in recent years, these DJs are at the top of an increasingly growing niche, with their explosive tech house tracks and performances at the biggest electronic music festivals in the world.


Chris Lake is a British DJ and producer who has had an extremely respected career in the electronic music industry.

At the age of 37, he conquered the world of music production becoming a true hitmaker, acting in different musical styles.

His first pseudonym was Christophe D’Abuc, a project for which he became known worldwide with his remixes for the bands The Prodigy, Leftfield and Eurythmics.

2006 was the year of his first hit “Changes” with vocals by Laura V.

Already emerging on the “UK Singles” chart and with the release licensed by Universal Music, the song became the summer hit of that year, reaching the TOP 10 of Billboard.

He then released singles such as “Carry Me Away”, “Only One”, and “If You Knew”, securing his place at the top of the US dance music charts and showing all the glamor that house music could offer at the time.

This was just the beginning of his great musical journey.

We can clearly see that Chris Lake has made his mark on the most prestigious labels on the market, such as Defected, ULTRA, Strictly Rhythm, Toolroom and Cr2 Records, in addition to collecting numerous hits in his catalogue. And he hasn't stopped in time or become obsolete as a producer, he's always reinventing himself in line with the trends.

His recent tracks like “Operator”, “I Want You” and “Give Her Right Back” have won over a new generation of electronic music lovers. Not to mention the songs "Stay With Me", "Lose My Mind", "Deceiver", "Free Your Body" , "Turn Off The Lights" and many other, all released by his own label Black Book Records.

CURIOSITY: Chris Lake is mentioned on Discogs as one of the composers of the hit "Arguru", by Deadmau5, even though he has not signed the song as a collaborator.

And for Bass House fans, he also has another side project called Anti Up, in partnership with the talented Chris Lorenzo, which needs no comment. Each release is another successful success in the producer's career.

It's been almost 20 years of successful releases, conquering the market in each of its cycles without losing its mastery. Can you imagine how many ghost productions he must have done for other artists?

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Straight from the exotic beaches of Australia, we have a very crazy surfer who is conquering the slopes around the world, with his irreverent performances and an interaction with the public full of humor.

He is Paul Nicholas Fisher, or just FISHER.

Famous for his explosive and global hits, the artist was present in the playlists of the greatest DJs in the world, with a meteoric rise in a very short time in a solo career.

Hit songs like “Ya Kidding”, “Stop It”, “You Little Beauty”, “Wanna Go Dancing” and “Just Feels Tight” are being played at parties all over the world.

And we don't even need to mention “Losing It” - its biggest hit so far - being the most played song at the mega festival Tomorrowland Belgium (2018 and 2019 editions) and nominated for the 2019 Grammy!

FISHER was part of the Cut Snake duo, who started out alongside surfer friend Leight “Sedz” Sedley, playing during surf circuit trips around the world.

The project already provided a certain pretext for what would become the sound of his solo project.

With their first EP released as FISHER by the giant Dirtybird, their success was inherent. The singles “Ya Kidding” and “Stop it” quickly won over tech house fans, reaching the top of the Beatport charts and garnering a lot of attention.

Shortly thereafter, “Losing It” came to overwhelming success on platforms and on the dancefloor, signing the first release on its own label, Catch & Release.

The song was nominated for a Grammy in the category “Best Dance Recording”, alongside big names in electronic music.

CURIOSITY: Before diving into electronic music, FISHER was a professional surfer in the World Surf League and made funny videos on his YouTube vlog.

And what is the relationship between the two?

We know that Chris Lake and FISHER today tour together with their label party NAFF (Not Another Fkn Festival) performing at various sold out parties around the world and are always together having fun with fans on social media.

For as big a success as these artists, we know there's a lot of work behind them, and ironically, one of them is reputed to be the ghost producer for the other.

On the internet, there are many topics related to the two artists, pointing Chris Lake as one of those responsible for producing FISHER's hits, always with a mysterious atmosphere in the air.

If we analyze the songs themselves, we can see that the styles are very coherent and have some similar characteristics, and for Chris Lake's trajectory, the producer never lacked opportunity to work with great names in electronic music.

Another important point is that both artists have the same management in American territory.

Last year, some images were leaked onto internet forums, indicating that part of the copyright to FISHER's songs “Stop It” and “Ya Kidding” also went to Chris Lake.

And it wasn't the first time that this happened—the track “Lick It” by Valentino Khan was also credited to the British producer and his wife, Gita Lake (who is probably the lead singer of the track in this case).

Is Chris Lake the ghost producer for FISHER, Valentino Khan and other artists we don't even know?

And is Gita Lake, Chris' wife, responsible for the vocals on the hit “Losing It”?

We can imagine that Chris Lake is behind the sound identity of many artists who are making a huge success in the world.

And this phenomenon goes far beyond the practice of ghost production.

The subject has been debated for years, and it is very difficult to measure the work of each artist based only on the time spent in the studio.

We often see artists working together with more experienced producers, looking for a better result, and this is completely natural in the music industry.

Over time, ghost production is no longer considered taboo.

After all, in the history of every successful musical band, there are audio engineers with a unique ability to shape the sonic aesthetics of each era and help these musicians to achieve impeccable results.

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