Full Mix & Mastering

Full Professional, Personalized Mix & Mastering.


Up To 50 Channels.


A well mixed track can be the difference between your song being regular or becoming a hit. You’ve spent a ton of your time writing and producing a great song - but if your track is not mixed properly, then all of that work can go unnoticed. After listening to your song over and over again while creating it, your ears become numb to it. We’ll be your fresh set of ears and use our experience to mix your track to commercial standards.


We will use advanced EQ and compression with analog emulation, techniques to give your track the right tonal balance and loudness that it needs to be on par with your reference that you will inform to us, optimizing your track to your goals, and sounds great wherever your fans are listening - from Apple AirPods to a Club PA system.

Get the submission guidelines (PDF file) after your payment.

Full Mix & Mastering


Up to 50 Channels

If you have more then 50 Channels, Please contact us.

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