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Tech House Drums (8 Tips & Tricks) for Ableton Live.

1-) Do not let your drums all perfectly synchronized. Tech House Drums sounds better

humanized ... Use the (delay mode) for some parts of your drums , to humanize and give more swing , delay some parts and/or advance another ones , something between 1 to 4 ms .

In the right bottom corner.

2-) In the sample mode , you have a great tool for decrease your release on the samples , for example , on the intro part , decrease your release from your main hat and increase in the drop, or increase progressively in your buid-up .

Warp Mode: beats

And choose 'Trans' and '->' mode.

3-)Use SideChain compressor to give priority between some hats and top loops, or between some parts that have a competition between then. It will give a better groove and movement on your drums.

4-) Use our Drums Amplitude (Free Download Effect Rack) or other similar, to enlarge your drums .

5-)Reverb Tip:

For all time track (no automation) :

For Claps and Hats, that should sounds more in front of your head , use a (short time) and increase the effect until you feel your drums bigger but before you listen the effect sounding when you listen your drums together with all song.

For percussion, top loops and other parts that you want to listen more in the background and to fill the background , you can use a deeper reverb with a (longer time decay) .

6-)Pan your Drums parts.

Claps and Hats , always in the middle.

Distribute(pan) the percussions in your stereo field , only take care to do not exceed it to avoid to loose your mono compatibility.

7-)Give swing!

For Shakers , try to use Auto Pan as a Tremolo (mostrar como) to give a swing. Make some tests with different modes and rates , always in a synchronized mode. You can also use 1 more time the auto Pan, that time , to give a gentle movement left/right.

8-)Glue your Drums with glue compressor.

This goes to bring the background elements to fill the spaces .

Feel the Threshold... Do not let compress more than 5db.

Don't forget to check our Sample Pack Tech House Drums , this is definitely the most complete sample pack you need for build a great drums on your next upcoming project and contains a huge high quality one-shots and loops samples that are drag and drop ready to use, 100% Royalty Free !

Click on the image to see details and video preview.

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