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DJM Mixer

If you are a DJ and record mixes on Ableton, You'll LOVE this !


This Rack brings the exactly same EQ frequencies, curves and slope from the most used mixers in the world, the DJMs from Pioneer.


To achieve the result, I used:

- Flat White Noise

- DJM signal in my Input

- Izotope 9 Match EQ (plugin)


Way better than EQ Three(Ableton), without phasing issues.


Also included the effects: Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter and the loved Echo with Level and Time controls.


With a safety protective -1db of input signal + Limiter in the end of the rack avoiding an unwanted clipping.

Record like a Pro without to have a Pioneer DJM in your Studio.


Watch the video demo to see it working and listen what it makes.

Tags: Ableton Effect Rack Pioneer DJM 800 DJM 700 DJM 750 DJM 900 Nexus DJM 200 nexus Ableton Live Mixer DJ Set Mix at Ableton Live DJM frequencys

DJM Mixer

  • DAW Compatibility:

    Ableton Live Suite 10.1 or later

  • Upgraded Version:

    Ableton Live DJ MIXSET Template (Includes a new version of DJM Mixer)


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