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(RMK) Kevin De Vries, Mau P - Metro

Deconstructed song from Kevin De Vries and Mau P, released on After Life Records with his tricks and techniques.


Full-Length Arrangement for Ableton Live 11.1.1 or higher !!!


This is an excellent reference for start and finish faster your next Melodic Techno track using this great track as Reference.


All the Main Elements are set up as MIDI.


Top Notch and ready-to-use Serum Exclusive Presets from RM Vibes.

Easy to learn, edit and customize.


Well organized by groups and colors. 


Professionally Mixed and Mastered with an 'RM Vibes - Ableton Native Rack Master' Included ! (worth 10$)


Watch the video above to see the project preview at Ableton Live.

If you don't use Ableton and you are interested on all audio stems, contact us.

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(RMK) Kevin De Vries, Mau P - Metro

  • Product Details

    • Download Size: 86 MB
    • 43 Channel Tracks
    • 18 Midi Tracks 
    • 14 Exclusive Serum Presets by RM Vibes
    • All Samples Included
    • RM Vibes - Ableton Native Master Rack Included
  • External Plugins:

    • Xfer's Serum v1.334 (or higher)
    • Kickstart 2 = Side Chain 
  • DAW:

    • Ableton Live 11.1.1 (or newer)

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